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Tag: future of web advertising

IAC Joins Ranks of Publisher Networks With New Venture

For some companies with multiple properties, publisher networks just make sense as a way to centralize operations and standardize content across all platforms for the purposes of more attractive options for digital advertisers.

Now, of course, we realize that not all digital magazines are in this position, but publisher networks are an industry-wide phenomenon that bears watching in the context of potential mergers & acquisitions, niche strategy, the future of web advertising, and the direction of multiplatform strategy.

Digital Content Monetization Discussed at UK Conference

Just think if you could take a master class on digital content monetization with executives from the likes of The Economist, Hearst, Salesforce, and The Guardian.

Well, if you were in London last week, you could have, by attending the Monetising Media conference event, which, like our Mequoda Intensives and Summits, brings together publishing professionals to take stock of the industry and give shape to its future with presentations, best practices, workshops, and more.

If, like us, you weren’t able to make it last week, luckily, The Media Briefing has it covered. Let’s take a look at what they learned, so that we can learn from it!

The #1 Reason Why Local Newspapers Should Reconsider a Paywall

The future of web advertising for newspaper publishers depends on getting more traffic

Now I’m not here to say whether or not a giant publisher like The New York Times should have a paywall or not. If they end up losing revenue, they’ll take it down. If they make more money than before, they’ll keep it up. According to a prediction in one of my previous posts, they’re likely to make upwards of about 60 million dollars with their new structure.

No, this warning is for the little guys. The little local newspapers who don’t have the budget to build a million dollar paywall around their content.