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Tag: global network navigation

Website Homepage Design Guidelines for Persistent Navigation

Is inconsistent navigation leaving users feeling lost on your site?

With inconsistent navigation, the ‘Back’ button is your best friend. An important aspect of good website homepage design is persistent navigation. It’s one of 14 points we analyze using the Mequoda Website Scorecard, what we believe to be the top 14 best practices for the running a Mequoda system.

Navigation bars and sidebars are best left constant, regardless of where the user moves on the site. If the navigation tools change, or users have to dig to find the information they want, they are likely to go to a better-designed competitor.

Does your persistent navigation reflect the depth and breadth of your content? Does it provide quick and easy access to customer service? Is it intuitive? Is it consistent throughout your site?

Good Website Homepage Design Builds Brand Preference

Brand preference leads to repeat visits and increased website traffic

One aspect of the Mequoda Best Practices we analyze is brand preference. How does the website homepage design aid in branding? It should clearly support and build brand preference, which encourages repeat visits.

Did you know that over 50% of Amazon’s visitors arrive by directly typing in the browser? How can you create that type of strong brand preference?

It all starts with good website homepage design. Here are a few examples to follow:

Wall Street Journal Media Pyramid Case Study

Does this legacy publisher translate from print to online?
With so many newspapers going out of business, how has the Wall Street Journal not only survived but thrived?