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Tag: google authorship

Author Pics Dropped From Google Search


Google has announced that it will drop author photos from search results, reports.

“This one hits particularly hard, as I’m known as the guy who optimized his Google author photo. Along with many other SEOs, I constantly advise webmasters to connect their content writers with Google authorship,” Cyrus Shepard writes.


Google Authorship: SEO Benefits of Connecting Google+ to Your Blog

Google Authorship is Google’s new way of helping their algorithm figure out who is most credible on the web. Naturally, you need to have a Google+ profile in order to claim Google Authorship, but the perk is that you get a fancy little photo next to the articles you write, like so.

E-Commerce Comes to AllYou

Publishers truly enter the digital age when they offer ecommerce options in their print publications. AllYou, a member of Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Group, has recently done just that by including mobile activations in its print magazine.