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Tag: great landing pages

10 Types of Landing Pages and Knowing When to Use Them

The first thing you need to have to create great landing pages is a basic understanding of the seven types of landing pages used by Internet marketing professionals. With that in mind, we think your odds of increasing landing page conversion rates will definitely improve.

10 Subscription Website Publishing Lessons for Profitable Website Design in 2015

If you publishing any kind of periodical, then you’re no stranger to subscription websites. This year we published more than fifty new posts about subscription website publishing.

Great Landing Pages Build and Retain Audiences …

… as long as you answer the million-dollar question

What’s in it for me?

This is more than just a popular refrain among toddlers and politicians. This is the question you must answer with every landing page letter you write. Great landing pages will convert visitors to members, and members to subscribers or buyers, only if you can capture the audience’s attention, keep it, and finally convince them to hand over an email address or buy your product.