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Tag: johns hopkins white papers

What is a White Paper?

Online Publishing 101: Creating and selling blockbuster digital white papers, special reports and handbooks is a core skill for many successful online publishing companies. With low production costs, no inventory and higher price points, these digital downloads are a key product strategy.

Create a Calendar for Better Email Marketing Management

Organize email marketing campaigns by creating an editorial and promotional calendar that keeps editors on track and in line with email revenue goals

Editorial Management Guidelines: Publishing Schedule Explained [CHART]

Use a combination of email newsletters and email marketing promotions to build customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value

Mequoda System Publishers use their websites to build customer loyalty and increase their email database. We’re not talking about a marketing channel you build and blast.

For Mequoda System Publishers, the email channel is a tool that provides frequent, valuable information to loyal users. This is best accomplished with a combination of email newsletters and email promotions to build customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value.

JEGI Advises University Health Publishing Group in Sale to MediZine

MediZine LLC, a leading consumer health education company, has acquired the assets of University Health Publishing Group (UHPG). With its 24-year history of consumer health information and education in collaboration with two of the most esteemed universities in the country – Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, Berkeley, UHPG provides millions of readers worldwide with a variety of print and online subscription-based products. Terms were not disclosed.

University Health Publishing Named Mequoda 2006 Publisher of the Year

“The Internet and its potential really spoke to me,” says visionary publisher Rodney Friedman. “The librarians caught onto it first. They were using it as a tool very early on. I just thought the Internet offered so much more.”

Indeed. Mr. Friedman, a seasoned veteran of both print and online publishing, has experienced a professional life filled with both extraordinary successes and a few missteps along the way.

University Health Publishing Internet Hub Case Study

The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter, Health After 50 is the Springboard for University Health Publishing’s Expansion From a Single Independent Print Newsletter to a Network of 26 Branded Consumer Health Information Products