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Tag: keyword suggestion tool

Digital Publishers Do This to Find Key Audiences

Extensive keyword research is a digital publisher’s best friend. It is used not only to find what audience members are searching for, but it also helps quantify competition and the cost associated with keyword campaigns.

Beyond the well-known Google Keyword Tool, there are a couple of additional free tools that will help you develop your keyword strategy.

Get free help from Wordtracker and Google

Determining the appropriate keywords and keyword phrases for your website landing pages can be easy and absolutely free.

How sophisticated is your landing page optimization strategy? Do you know precisely what keywords and keyword phrases you’re targeting? Have you made a list and do you refer to it often?

If not—if you haven’t got a list of your targeted keywords—now is a good time to create it and keep it handy when writing your online articles and tips.

Two Free SEO Tools

Test targeted keywords and content optimization for free

Everybody is on a budget. That’s why we’re mentioning two free search engine marketing tools today that can help you boost search rankings without boosting spend.

The first is WordTracker’s free keyword suggestion tool. The tool works as a thesaurus and a search-volume estimator, revealing phrases that may be worth targeting in your campaign.

The Mequoda SEO Process

Every good wordsmith approaches the task of writing a little differently. Some writers start with an outline or by making copious notes. Others write numerous disparate paragraphs at non-stop speed and then revisit their first draft, cutting and pasting to arrange them in a “logical” order. Still others agonize over the lead or headline and feel compelled to get them perfect before they can write a single second sentence.