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Tag: Kindle publishing

Amazon to Pay Authors & Publishers 70 percent… with Conditions

New information released on how to make more royalties from Kindle publishing

Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up

Free white paper all about publishing on Kindle

Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up

Complimentary white paper that teaches you the ins and outs of Kindle publishing

Set Your Blog Up on Kindle

A free way to become part of 2010’s new media trends

6 Steps for Publishing your Books on Amazon Kindle

How to open a new line of revenue by publishing your books and making them available for the Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle is something of a “first wave” of the e-Book revolution. When Amazon’s Kindle was released, it took 5.5 hours for them to sell out. Apparently, they didn’t stock up like Apple did for the iPhone, because a couple months later, it’s still “temporarily out of stock” while they continue to fill orders from those on the waiting list.