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Tag: landing page copywriting

Two Sales Letter Landing Page Copywriting Models

How to use anxiety in your sales letter landing page copywriting
Someone once reduced all human motivation to the simple pleasure/pain principle.
“You either want something you don’t have, or you have something you don’t want.”
It’s Psychology 101. We either seek pleasure or we avoid pain. Those are the two principal motivators.

Based on that simplistic summary of

Test Your Landing Page Copywriting Expertise by Taking this Copywriting Test Now

My publisher friend is a fervent believer in creating A/B splits for his landing pages, focusing specifically on the titles of his paid handbooks. The graphic design of each cover is identical in color, typeface and size. His sales letter landing pages use the exact same persuasive editorial copy except for the title of the book.

Now Available: Landing Page Inspiration

Look no further than these 11 examples to make your landing pages wildly successful

Whether you’re selling a product or hoping to trade a free report for an email address, your landing page is where you lay it all on the line. Badly written copy, sloppy formatting and lackluster layout lead to death on a page.

But there’s hope for even the newest landing page amateur. Pay scrupulous attention to certain best practices, and you’ll be rolling in dough (or email addresses) in no time.

12 of the Best Ideas from the 2006 SIPA Conference

Online Publishing Tips from SiPA

Early this week, more than 570 publishers gathered at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC, for the Specialized Information Publishers Association’s (SIPA) 30th Annual International Newsletter & Specialized-Information Conference. This year’s theme was: “Get Creative! Right-Brain Thinking for Publishing Profits.”