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Tag: mobile site design

Responsive Website Design Cost, Mistakes, Ideas and the Need for a Great CMS

Today we are looking in depth at different website design tips from top bloggers.

Two of the Most Important Resources for Mobile Design

For those publishers trying their hand at mobile email and mobile site design, they need to pay close attention to two main things: device guidelines and best practices.

Device guidelines remain the same, until new products are released into the marketplace. Currently, just below 50% of mobile phone subscribers own smartphones. This number is compared to 36% a year ago.

Week in Review: February 20th, 2012 – February 24th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Mobile Site Design Focuses on Usability

Don’t be fooled; there is a proper way to design for mobile.

I once read an article that claimed there was no such thing as mobile websites, because all websites were already mobile.

I hope the person who wrote that article doesn’t design sites for a living, or his clientele won’t last very long.

The Value of Free Downloads

All successful content marketers are doing it…they are providing free downloads to entice their audience into relationships.

We provide free downloads on array of topics, including one on Mobile Site Design for Publishers and Website Homepage Design – both of which address the need to have adequate design and functionality to make your content easily accessible by your audience.

Two Tips on Mobile Usability Testing

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses tips on mobile publishing strategies for usability, design and content distribution

(Nationwide)—For online publishers, mobile page views and clicks can mean more revenue. For online retailers, mobile ecommerce is emerging for smart phones and portable devices like netbooks and tablets.

Mobile is a hot topic. New technology is being created and purchased by users who thrive on the advancements. Online advertising is everywhere, and focusing specific content towards your audience can help create stronger relationships with those always on the go.

Mobile Site Usability Tips and Tricks from Mequoda Group

This free report from Mequoda Group provides information on properly creating mobile sites that are user-friendly

(Nationwide)—To be successful in the world of mobile sites, it’s important to keep the notion that ‘less is more’ in mind. Attempting to incorporate too much into a mobile site will only confuse and frustrate users.

Instead of trying to display as much of the site as possible, include the main category names first so visitors will see it as they arrive. It will help them maneuver the site better and they will know precisely where specific content will be housed.

Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers Free Report Released

Strategies for usability, design and content distribution

New Media Trends

Bring your online publishing business up to par with this FREE white paper that will help you introduce new media into your online business model: Mobile Site Design Tips for Content Publishers.