The Value of Free Downloads

All successful content marketers are doing it…they are providing free downloads to entice their audience into relationships.

We provide free downloads on array of topics, including one on Mobile Site Design for Publishers and Website Homepage Design – both of which address the need to have adequate design and functionality to make your content easily accessible by your audience.

Free downloads are comprised of great content – some of which is unavailable else. Or free downloads can be comprised a large amount of free content already published on a website. Both of these assume the free downloads are text-based. However, many publishers give other types of free content, like audio and video pieces.

The reason content marketers provide high quality free downloads is to trade the information for a valid email address so that future correspondence can be experienced by both parties. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that may last for years.

If you are stumped as to what type of free downloadable content would resonate the best with your audience, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 to discuss consulting options that would help you develop high quality downloadable content to attract and build a bigger audience.

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