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Tag: persuasive copywriting

Nine Tips to Persuasive Copywriting

How to become the best copywriter you can be

New copywriters often wonder how to become the best they can be. The key is to focus on tried and true elements of copywriting that haven’t changed much throughout the years, even if mediums and platforms have changed.

This article serves as a brief guide to persuasive copywriting. After you get these fundamental elements down, you can begin focusing on incorporating keyword phrases into your copy for search engine optimization. Landing Page Review

Clayton Makepeace is a legend in the direct response advertising business. He has the respect of both his clients and peers—the hallmark of a real professional.

He has a huge portfolio of winning direct mail packages, commands top dollar for his work and in April of 2006 conducted a $5,000-per-seat, how-to seminar for aspiring copywriters. I can’t imagine anyone not putting his name on their top-10 list.

At Mr. Makepeace displays his considerable skill with one objective: to get other copywriters to sign up for his free email newsletter.

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