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Tag: seo visibility

SEO News: Organic, Paid, and Voice

Facebook’s mobile ad network reaches the top; Organic SEO news looks at 2016 data; The future of voice search
For the first time, Facebook’s mobile ad network has topped Google. MediaPost is reporting on this story, saying “Facebook’s mobile ad network emerged as the top-performing advertising network during the second part of 2016, giving marketers running campaigns

HOW TO: Get SEO Visibility for Just About Anything

Inbound links won’t mean jack if nobody is searching for you

Editors and product producers have a love/hate relationship with search engine optimization. Editors hate to compromise any type of editorial content they are putting out, and product producers don’t want to think of keywords when they think of coming up with a catchy product name. I promise, you can get SEO visibility and still maintain the integrity of your content.