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Tag: short subject lines

Tried and True Tips to Get Your Open Rates Up

Five Techniques to Building the Better Subject Line

Here’s a test of subject lines (from a mortgage company) from copywriter Mark Everett Johnson, a frequent speaker at SIPA events. Choose one.
1) “Do you want to save thousands with no-hassle refinancing?”
2) “Who else wants to save thousands with no-hassle refinancing?”

Drumroll please. Number two won by 37%. “People click on that because they don’t want to miss out,” Johsnon said “and the ‘who else wants to’ headline clearly suggests that it’s already happening, that it really happens and other people are getting this advantage and you’re missing out on it.” The idea that you can change three words and get such an upswing in open rates is amazing, and a tribute to testing. “…the thing that runs through all successful direct marketing organizations is the commitment to testing,” Johnson said.

11 Tips for Standing Out in the Inbox

If you’re an email copywriter, you should consider these tips

Email copywriters are expected to write intriguing subject lines that get opened.

Of course, that isn’t the only task email copywriters face. Creating great body copy for the email is important to. You don’t want to just get recipients to open the emails; you want them to take action as well.

Week in Review: July 25th 2011 – July 29th, 2011

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3 Reasons Why Short Subject Lines Work Better

Short subject lines grab attention, tease the subscriber, and increase open rates

Like a good headline, a good email subject line is succinct. It gets to the point without giving too much away, but with enough information to interest the email subscriber. For well-branded companies, they may get away with simply using a “[Insert Brand Here]’s Daily Digest for June 29th, 2011” type of headline. But most of us need a little more pull.

The Three Keys to Writing Short Email Subject Lines

Short email subject lines will get your emails open faster

An email subject line should be a lot easier than writing a blog post title. When writing a blog, you have to think about keywords and getting ranked in search engines. With emails, all you need to worry about is getting someone to open an email that they signed up for. It sounds simple, but with 30% industry average open rate, we’d all tend to disagree.

When you’re looking through your inbox, how likely are you to expand your viewing frame in order to read the subject line of an email that has maxed out its character limit?