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Tag: targeted landing pages

How to Build a Retail Distribution Channel

Publishers sometimes forget that they, themselves, are retailers; publishers sell subscriptions, memberships, books, ancillary products, events, etc. It’s smart for a publisher to think like a retailer: Get people into your store, where they can become your customers. And when they become your customers, get them to come back for more. The “store,” of course, is your website, your portal.

How One Successful Publisher Uses Book Sales to Drive Website Traffic

How the Motley Fool Uses their Offline Presence to Drive and Monetize Website Traffic

The Motley Fool boasts a strong online legacy, combined with—from its earliest years—a strong offline product presence. The company began as a pioneering partner of AOL in 1994; shortly thereafter, was launched. By 1996, The Motley Fool had published the first of eight best-selling books in partnership with Simon & Schuster. Subsequently, several additional books were self-published under the Fool Publishing brand.

Interview: Sam Knoll of

Sam Knoll knows his way around the business world. He has had a number of successful careers including in manufacturing, mail order, and retail. His latest enterprise is an online newsletter devoted to health and dietary supplements.