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Tag: types of content

Website Homepage Design Guidelines for Persistent Navigation

Is inconsistent navigation leaving users feeling lost on your site?

With inconsistent navigation, the ‘Back’ button is your best friend. An important aspect of good website homepage design is persistent navigation. It’s one of 14 points we analyze using the Mequoda Website Scorecard, what we believe to be the top 14 best practices for the running a Mequoda system.

Navigation bars and sidebars are best left constant, regardless of where the user moves on the site. If the navigation tools change, or users have to dig to find the information they want, they are likely to go to a better-designed competitor.

Does your persistent navigation reflect the depth and breadth of your content? Does it provide quick and easy access to customer service? Is it intuitive? Is it consistent throughout your site?

5 Necessary Steps for Selecting a Content Management System

Utilizing these tips will put you on the path to choosing the best CMS for your content

Content management systems are like puzzles to me. They incorporate a lot of different pieces and create something beautiful when finished. The free open-source systems I’ve used may even have the “for ages 8-108” label upon them. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but even those users unfamiliar with HTML code can easily operate a number of CMSs.

Unlike puzzles, content management systems can do a lot, from helping to manage content to working on organic marketing efforts. The CMS is an online publisher’s dream. It’s even better that many of them can be downloaded and customized for free via the Internet.

3 Web Pages for a Well-Designed Site

Components you should have within your periodical website hub

3 Ways Google Keeps Newspapers in Business

“Search engines don’t create content, it’s really about helping people find content,” says Josh Cohen, Business Product Manager for Google News

Raiders of the Lost Content

The Quest to Unlock the National Institute of Business Management Archives

PodCamp NYC 2.0 Coverage: The Economics of Aggregation

The Economics of Aggregation with Travell Perkins of and

Conquer the New SEO Challenge

Google’s new search system dramatically increases the competition for page rankings.

Just when your SEO strategy was polished and humming along, Google releases a press release.

Google announced last week that it is starting “Universal Search”, a more comprehensive form of search that could push your page rankings down if you’re not diligent.

Searches in Google’s default “Web” section will soon include results from Google’s news, books, video and maps databases mixed with the webpage results.

Helping Users Find Things Easily and Quickly Using Persistent Navigation

The key to persistent navigation is to help the user find anything on the site, fast. No clicking about, desperately hitting the back button. Make it clear where they are, and how to get somewhere else. Even with deep layers of content, multiple topics and content formats, covering three continents— answers this challenge. The navigation strategy includes: Website Design Review

With Advertisers Footing the Bill, has Built a Website Offering a Superior—and Free—Online Content Experience for Users. is part of (do I really need to say this?) the Forbes family publishing business. Including the familiar Forbes magazine, the websites and, spin-off magazines such as ForbesLife, business and investing specialty newsletters, a business conference division and Forbes on Fox TV. This is a typical Mequoda publishing pyramid—with a very rich family sitting on top.

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