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Tag: wordstream

How Badly Is Google Digital Advertising Beating the Field?

Google digital advertising generated more than $61 billion in revenue last year, more than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, The New York Times, the Guardian, and BuzzFeed combined. This isn’t the only metric Google is winning, either.

The Future of Social Media

What does the future of social media look like to you?

As digital publishers and audience development professionals, it’s important to keep an eye out for changes that take place throughout social media channels. With massive audiences spending time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, looking towards the future can help us better develop and serve our audience members.

Digital Publishers Do This to Find Key Audiences

Extensive keyword research is a digital publisher’s best friend. It is used not only to find what audience members are searching for, but it also helps quantify competition and the cost associated with keyword campaigns.

Beyond the well-known Google Keyword Tool, there are a couple of additional free tools that will help you develop your keyword strategy.

How To Track Competitors: What They’re Selling & How They’re Selling It

Discover how to track competitors and the tools that make it a little bit easier bought simply because they had been a great affiliate that they were starting to notice IMDB expand into the Amazon space around 1998. As of late, one of the biggest trends in digital media is to buy your biggest opponent, or whomever makes a product that you should have made yourself. Google does it (YouTube, JotSpot, Motorola Mobility), Twitter is doing it (Tweetdeck, BagCheck, BackType, Tweetie, etc.) and every other “2.0” web business who is likely to make it through the bubble is doing it.