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Module 1: The ABCs of Digital Publishing

Welcome to Mequoda Pro!

Digital Publishing Secret #1: The keys to making millions in digital publishing

What you’ll learn:

This is your introduction to the Mequoda Method – the secret weapons that some publishers have and other online players – even the most legendary names – haven’t yet discovered. Once you’ve learned how to properly manage the ABCs (audience, brand and content) you may completely rethink your publishing operation! This module delivers the elements you should be leveraging to maximize your profits.


  • Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ed Coburn, Chief Content Officer

Time: 15 minutes, 8 seconds

Download: ABCsofDigitalPub.pdf

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If Mequoda Pro has been helpful to you, and if you'd like to double, triple and quadruple your revenues in the next five years, please consider joining us at our next Mequoda Event!

2 Responses to “Module 1: The ABCs of Digital Publishing”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Hi Scott, on the right-hand side of our Systems page, you can see a list of all the client sites we’ve done. The newest sites are at the top:

    If you’d like to schedule a call with Don, he can answer all of your questions, give you an idea of pricing, and offer some advice you can take with you regardless: — or shoot Julie an email at to set it up.

  2. Dr. Scott Rosenthal Says:

    I am selecting a partner to help me put together and manage a digital content based membership site that generates recurring monthly revenue. I like what I have seen on your site but dont understand how you charge. Could you give me a feel for pricing. I realize each client situation may be different. For my “guestimate” we can look at other new sites with say 100 members to start. Could you also give me links of client sites you have done.

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