Creative Apps for Creative People

Ways designers may use the iPad

I may have some creativity inside, but graphic and web design do not fall into the category of artistic ability I possess.

A number of the articles I have been reading about the iPad say it will not bring any added benefits to the world of graphic design and web design because of its simple interface and the methods used for operating it.

Since I cannot make a first hand account of this, I decided to continue looking for commentary from graphic and web designers.

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I ended up coming upon an article from bluefaqs discussing 20 apps for the iPad that designers and those with creative abilities can use to help jot down thoughts, sketch out ideas or interact with your websites.

I hope all of you creative types will give bluefaqs article a look to decipher if these apps can be beneficial in your creation or not. If you ever have the time, let me know how they ended up working for you.


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