Systems Capabilities Needed by Digital Publishers

When starting off, some digital publishers approach their goals in strange ways. Would you ever expect success if you wanted to base your business off another, without any uniqueness to it?

For instance, if someone were to walk into our office and say, “I want to be the next Orbitz”, they probably would receive a puzzled look because Orbitz already exists and it’s successful. If there were a specific alteration in mind that would make a significant difference in the business, it would be one thing. Without a differentiating factor, however, you’re only looking to be competition for a company that would likely win in a head-to-head battle.



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However, website attributes are worth paying attention to, and those websites that are clearly doing something write can be looked at as mentors.

When we plan a website for a client, we outline the capabilities they need, depending on their business model. After describing the software, hardware, and business processes needed for your website, estimated costs, budgets, and timelines can be drawn up for you. This document will be the guide for your entire website build, or redesign.

If you are in the process of having a new website built, or a redesign done, and you are looking for a detailed process, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 to discuss our development options.


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