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Tag: cost of email marketing

The True Cost of Email Marketing

Tiered Rate cards can be used for calculating hosting charges, interest rates, credit card fees, the list goes on.

Email pricing for publishers, the rate they’re charged to send emails, looks a bit like how retailers are charged to process credit card payments.

In retail, two popular forms of payment processing rates are the most prevalent today: Interchange Plus and Tiered Pricing.

Retailers like Interchange Plus the best because it’s transparent, the retailer is charged a percentage per transaction. The Tiered pricing model is less transparent, but simplifies pricing by providing bucket rates. Tiered pricing also often includes lots of extra fees that aren’t accounted for in the buckets.

The cost of email marketing typically works on a similar tiered bucketed pricing model, and like retail tiered pricing models, often ends up in hidden fees you weren’t expecting.

Email News: The Best Email Design Relates to Your Overall Email Strategy

When someone discusses the components of the best email design, what do you think about? Is it the physical look of the email newsletter or marketing piece? Or does it go beyond the look?

Top email marketers look at the whole picture before defining the best email design. They consider their own list growth, the competition, metrics behind mailings, the physical aspect of email and all distribution requirements.

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Comparing Co-Registration to Pay-Per-Click

Use both as part of an effective internet marketing strategy
A client we had’s highest source of revenue (about $27 over 12 months) was from subscribers acquired through pay-per-click advertising. That’s because about a third of the subscribers acquired through pay-per-click purchased on their first visit to the publisher’s website.