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Tag: denise warren

Platform Publishing News: Of Juggernauts and Jobs

Digital platform publishing is credited with having ushered in an ongoing golden age for media, and the latest industry developments are doing nothing to dispel this notion. Four recent articles from Advertising Age reveal how the current social media and mobile content push is shaping companies’ plans for the future.

Time’s New Digital Publishing Strategy

Time Inc.’s split from parent company Time Warner isn’t the only big move the company is making. They are also tearing down the wall between editorial and the business side of publishing. Christine Haughney writes, “The newsroom staffs at Time Inc.’s magazines will report to the business executives. Such a structure, once verboten at journalistic institutions, is seen as necessary to create revenue opportunities and stem the tide of declining subscription and advertising sales.” This is a substantial move to embrace native advertising and other marketing services that can generate revenue.

The Daily Deal: Newspaper & Magazine Publishers Discover Four New Ad Models

Rhode Island Monthly, The New York Times, Hearst & Interweave discover the four newest advertising models

Daily deals websites like Groupon and LivingSocial are becoming very popular for publishers who are looking to make some extra affiliate income from their deal-hungry subscribers. Unfortunately, outsourced companies, like Groupon for example, take between 50 and 100% of the cut from local retailers and continue to get a lot of bad press from struggling small business.

Do You Understand the Mindset Behind Sharing?

The New York Times just completed a study called “The Psychology of Sharing”, which examined how and why people share content online

What do you think the most popular avenue for sharing content online is?

The New York Times recently completed a study called “The Psychology of Sharing”, which was executed to determine why people share online.