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Tag: Digital Book Publishing

PRSS, Digital Magazine Publishing Platform, Bought By Apple

Apple has acquired PRSS, a digital magazine publishing platform, reports Talking New Media. Apple is no stranger to digital publishing. Of course, there’s Apple Newsstand for selling digital publications, and the company’s digital book publishing platform iBook Author. Neither of these solutions have panned out very well, so perhaps Apple expects to present a new experience with PRSS.

The New Mequoda Pyramid

The Mequoda Pyramid supports the notion that products have a natural hierarchy
Publishers implementing a vertically integrated strategy use outside media to acquire new customers, leveraging “free media” first. They use content to build a permission database. They create many products in many formats and recycle, reuse, and republish content. Finally, they are able to pull customers

Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital content marketing drives surge in digital product sales for publishers

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

Digital Publishers Battle a Changing Environment

Three changes the digital publishing industry must recognize

We’ve seen a lot of changes from being in the online business and digital publishing markets since the early 2000s. When we first began teaching publishers about developing audience’s online, social networks like Facebook and Twitter weren’t around. At that time, blogs were the main source of social activity.

Computing devices were also quite different then. Laptop and desktop computers were the options. Today, there are additional mobile devices; tablets and smart phones are expected to surpass desktop computing in usage.

Digital Publishing Profits Set Milestones

With reported increases in profitability, digital publishing strategies are proving successful

Digital magazine publishing on tablet devices has turned into a weekly topic for us that continue to present new information to share.

We dove into the process of sharing the most up-to-date digital magazine publishing content with you by releasing our Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics free report earlier this month. The 42-page free report shares digital publishing information, including tips and strategies, with additional content pertaining to the industry’s possible evolution.

Digital Magazine and Book Publishing Roundtables Held at Summit

In less than three months, the Mequoda Summit West 2012 will take place in Lakewood, CO.

This spring’s two-day Summit incorporates Master Classes taught by the Mequoda Team, three keynote presentations and roundtable events.

Since this Summit is only open to Mequoda Alumni who are familiar with running digital content marketing systems, you have the chance to learn from other digital publishers with direct, first-hand knowledge and experiences.

The New Mequoda Media Pyramid for Publishers

A more encompassing media pyramid adds delivery platforms and requires additional product development.

As we review our product portfolios and media strategies for the 44 benchmark Mequoda Systems we regularly follow, it’s clear that the publishing industry is in the throes of another paradigm shift.

The media pyramid enables us to identify, build and manage a Mequoda System. Building a media pyramid is a fundamental strategy for modern publishers.