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Tag: doug manoni

B2B Publishers’ Revenue Up in 2015, ABM’s Business Information Network Reports

B2B publishers are some of the most forward-thinking in the magazine media industry. Why? Because you have to be to survive. We count many B2B publishers among our Mequoda Members, and they embrace our multiplatform strategy for the simple reason that it helps them generate more revenue.

Well, it’s official – whatever they’re doing is working: Overall revenues are up significantly in 2015. Our friends at Folio: have that news and much more. Let’s take a look at what they found out!

Magazine Publishing Industry March Update: Mergers, Staff Moves, and More

Every month, we check in with Folio:’s sister magazine, min, to monitor big comings, goings, and doings in the magazine publishing industry. This roundup features plenty of executive personnel changes, plus a couple of major purchases and one major redesign.

Observer Capital Purchases SourceMedia

Observer Capital, a private equity firm led by Joseph Meyer of Observer Media (owner of the New York Observer), has made its first purchase: b2b finance and healthcare publisher SourceMedia. Folio: reports that while terms were not disclosed, when Investcorp previously explored a sale of its SourceMedia property, the price was pegged at $60 million, and that a source called the figure a “reasonable estimate” this time around, as well.