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Tag: editorial advertising

American’s Inflight Magazines Get New Publisher

Ink Global is replacing American Airlines’ in-house publishing unit in the production of American Way inflight magazines, as well as two other new titles. Folio: reports that Celebrated Living, for business- and first-class travelers, and Nexos, a Spanish- and Portugese-language publication, will launch in January of 2015 along with the revamped American Way.

Video Challenges for Publishers

Mastering video in order to maximize ad revenue is what publishers must do to survive, let alone thrive, in today’s digital landscape. But it’s easier said than done for many.

Allrecipes Expands Digital Publishing Strategy

Meredith’s print magazine Allrecipes is only a month old but expansion is already in the game plan. Bill Mickey writes, “After just one month in print, Allrecipes, the print extension of Meredith’s, plans to boost its rate base another 30 percent from 500,000 copies to 650,000 copies. The increase will take effect with the April 2014 issue.”

Even in the new digital landscape we’re seeing that print has a place and can be successful. It will be interesting to see what other publishers decide to invest more into print publications in the future.

Publishers Bridge the Gap Between Magazines and Advertisers

Contextual ads are getting easier and easier for tablet editions. According to Neiman Journalism Lab, “Three-year-old ShopAdvisor is creating a next generation of editorial/advertising links in a number of Time Inc. and Hearst magazines, with more clients on the way.”

The technology allows ads in the tablet editions of magazines, like Cosmo, to have ads or an editorial for “20 hot accessories for summer” and a little button that says “Shop This Ad” which allows users to click and buy any of the items in the ad or save them for later.

Landing Page Examples: Tips and Landing Page Best Practices that Convert Visitors into Customers

Or, a thousand words are worth a single picture

Google the phrase “landing page examples” and you get 3,300,000 results. It’s enough to make the earnest copywriter throw up her hands in despair.

Of course, when you start digging into those results for actual landing page examples, you find that most of them are critiques based on the design of the page. But I’m going to completely ignore those landing page examples because it’s my blog post, and I’m a writer, not a designer. Please see posts from my colleagues Amanda MacArthur and Aimee Graeber if you want to talk design! There’s nobody here but us writers!

Place Online Order Forms on the Bottom of Every Content Page

In the past few months, I’ve seen results from three different magazine publishers that have each literally turned their source mix on its head. For each of them, a simple online order form that costs them almost nothing has rocketed their website to the top of their print publication’s source list. The website design trick is called an OFIE or Order Form in Editorial.