Allrecipes Expands Digital Publishing Strategy

Digital Publishing News for December 12, 2013

Meredith’s print magazine Allrecipes is only a month old but expansion is already in the game plan. Bill Mickey writes, “After just one month in print, Allrecipes, the print extension of Meredith’s, plans to boost its rate base another 30 percent from 500,000 copies to 650,000 copies. The increase will take effect with the April 2014 issue.”

Even in the new digital landscape we’re seeing that print has a place and can be successful. It will be interesting to see what other publishers decide to invest more into print publications in the future.

Magzter is Going Global

Magzter’s digital strategy is turning global after securing new funding. This effort will be focusing on bringing local editions into the mix. Michael Rondon writes about the expansion efforts. “The platform currently has international distribution deals with several major publishers including Hearst, Condé Nast, Newsweek and Bloomberg. Magzter says it has more than 16 million users from 200 countries, serving content in over 30 languages. Overall, the service lists more than 900 publishers as clients.”

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Brands Can Succeed with Publications

Did you know that Red Bull has a publication? The Red Bulletin is the brand’s lifestyle magazine and it is more popular than you may think. In fact, the magazine delivers over 2.7 million copies in five languages globally.

The best part of this publication is that it actually operates as a publication and not solely as a marketing ploy. Caysey Welton writes, “It would be easy to dismiss the magazine as a content marketing play, however the business model and content tell a different story. The magazine’s revenue stream works just like most consumer magazines–subscription, newsstand and ad sales. And editor-in-chief of the U.S. edition, Andreas Tzortzis says that while content supports the parent company’s mission, its purpose is not just a tactic to sell more cans.”

Un-blurring the Editorial Advertising Line

In a recent SIPA newsletter the topic of the new roles and relationships that marketing and editorial departments have with each other. “The editorial/marketing/advertising relationship has become a very complicated one today–much more intricate than when you had the clear-cut “church/state” divide years ago. While the current digital climate and tough advertising market have made cooperation between departments almost essential, there still has to be a line somewhere. But how do you find it?” This discussion is even more important now that native advertising has become so popular. FTC is still deliberating the guidelines for native advertising but SIPA is reminding us that the line between editorial and advertising shouldn’t become too blurred.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to Lay Off 100 Staffers

The NY Post is reporting that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is expected to lay off 100 people today. Keith J. Kelly writes, “It is the first major move since chairman Martha Stewart tapped Daniel Dienst to be the new CEO. Dients, an industry outsider with experience in cutbacks and dealmaking came from the metals industry.”

    Amanda M.

    Funny, print subscriptions tank for legacy publishers, but people can’t wait to subscribe to a new print magazine. The again, recipes have always looked good in print!


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