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Tag: good keywords

10 Ways to Improve Magazine Content Marketing

You probably remember the good old days when there was this thing called “article marketing.” It involved marketing your articles, most often by re-publishing them as guest posts on external sites in an effort to get inbound links, and also sharing them with other bloggers in the hope they might share or comment on the posts. At that time, the goal was to get the article shared, and to get the word out about your publication because those were still the early days of SEO.
Today it’s evolved into what we refer to as content marketing, and our focus has changed a little in that we want people to come to our site, not to other people’s sites. Sure, we might republish articles in repositories like Medium and LinkedIn, but it’s done deliberately and with SEO in mind, not just for the sake of republishing.

Quality Over Quantity: Why Magazine SEO Matters

There are 201,000 people searching for the term “apple pie recipes” every month, but that doesn’t mean you should break out the measuring cups and write about it, if your magazine is for car enthusiasts. But if you’re a magazine for diabetics, you could certainly write about “diabetic apple pie recipes” of which there are 140 people searching for the term every month. But why would you write to an audience of 140 when you could possibly collect the eyes of over two-hundred thousand?

The 9 Best Places to Use Good Keywords in Articles

Choosing good keywords and using them correctly is more than a strategy, it’s a lifeline for your investment in content and can keep traffic flowing indefinitely.

When you’re in the business of content, search engine optimization isn’t just a hip thing to do, it’s a necessity. Think about how much time your team spends every day

Good Keywords Aren’t Obvious: The One Thing You Should Do Before You Optimize

Google’s kind of the king of mixed messages. They tell publishers not to optimize, and to “just write great content” but their team says that yes, in fact, good keywords are great indicators that Google uses to rank you. It makes sense, Google isn’t yet smart enough to rank you intelligently for words you’re not using in your article.

41 Ways to Build Email Circulation Forever [+ Video]

You can build email circulation over forty different ways, and we’ve got all the case studies to prove it! If you’re subscribed to our email newsletter, then you’re living proof that the tips I’m about to share actually work. One of them even worked on you

Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

A Refresher Course in Good Marketing Ideas

Send email from a person, not a company. Check search traffic when choosing blog titles. Include brief surveys on thank-you pages. These are just three of 20 “Low-Hanging Marketing Fruit” listed in an excellent article on Hubspot Blog last week. It’s a good refresher course for some things we may know but may not always remember to do. Let’s go through a few of them—adding some comments more specific to SIPA members.

Are Businesses Ditching Their Blogs for Facebook and Twitter?

A study from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shows businesses saying, “it’s not you, it’s me” to blogging during its peak of effectiveness
There are no sweeter words right now in the publishing industry, than the report that 26% of all those non-publisher Inc. 500 companies trying to weasel their way into our content space have decided to abandon ship (writing blog posts) and take the easy road (writing tweets).

Facebook SEO Tips: A Rank-Boosting Hack That We’d Really Like to Keep To Ourselves

Boost the rank of your articles with this Facebook SEO hack

All these “likes” and comments on our post, which links to our article, give us a giant boost in SEO love. GIANT. This is of course entirely dependent on the fact that you used a great niche keyword. Go ahead and try it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below, letting me know how it worked.

Finding Stronger SEO Keywords

Getting on page one is more vital than ever. Make sure you’re targeting keywords that will get you there.

By now you probably know that one of the best ways to attract website traffic is through SEO. But how good do your rankings have to be, really?

That question is answered in part by an iProspect Search Engine Behavior Study, which you can download here. The study is from April 2006, but its lessons are just as valid in August 2007.

What is the main lesson? Get on page one at all costs!

How to test the viability of your idea for a pay-for-access online newsletter before developing it

In this scenario, inspired by Frank Kern, you send up a trial balloon and let your potential subscribers tell you what they want, if anything, from your proposed information product.

How to evaluate a market niche for your member website or other information product

The key to success as an online information marketer is feeding a starving crowd.

A starving crowd is any group of people who share an enthusiasm for a topic and are passionate enough about it to spend their money to learn more. They’re “starving” for more information.

This creates an opportunity for you, the information provider.

How to know if your membership website search engine ranking is being hijacked?

Beware the 302 server redirect, which can either cause search engine traffic to your website to disappear or redirect the traffic you deserve to another website.