10 Ways to Improve Magazine Content Marketing

When magazine content marketing is at the forefront of your mind, your content will gain an extended half-life

You probably remember the good old days when there was this thing called “article marketing.” It involved marketing your articles, most often by re-publishing them as guest posts on external sites in an effort to get inbound links, and also sharing them with other bloggers in the hope they might share or comment on the posts. At that time, the goal was to get the article shared, and to get the word out about your publication.

Today it’s evolved into what we refer to as content marketing, and our focus has changed a little in that we want people to come to our site, not to other people’s sites. Sure, we might republish articles in repositories like Medium and LinkedIn, but it’s done deliberately and with SEO in mind, not just for the sake of republishing.


Every piece of content you publish deserves a healthy dose of content marketing, and below are 10 useful ways to improve yours.

1. Consider syndication, carefully. Many successful publishers use syndication as a content marketing strategy. You just need to be careful about duplicate content, or create new content that won’t be published on your own site.

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2. Optimize new posts. If you have a keyword universe in front of you, or have access to keyword research tools, then there’s no excuse for publishing content that isn’t optimized for your audience. Don’t consider keyword optimization as a chore, think of it as a guide for your editorial content that helps you decide what to publish. After all, keyword research tells you the volume of people who are looking for topics in your niche, and what’s more helpful than that?

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3. Re-optimize old posts. Hopefully all of your new posts are optimized from scratch, but you can also go back and re-optimize and re-promote older posts as well.

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4. Check your keyword density. How well are your posts optimized for a keyword? How about related keywords? Gone are the days of re-using the same keyword over and over. Now you need to use different variations of your primary keyword. However, it’s recommended that you do use a minimum keyword density for your main targeter keyword.

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5. Optimize your URL. It sounds like an easy task, but writing an SEO-friendly URL is about more than just typing in the slug. How many categories deep are you publishing? And how long is your URL? These are all considerations.

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6. Come up with a social media plan. Imagine that each piece of free content you publish on your Portal gets its own content marketing campaign. Routine and a system will help you normalize this important portion of content marketing.

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7. Recycle your social promotion. You spend so much time and/or money creating new content. So why only promote it the first day it publishes? Implement a social media strategy that involves multiple days of promotion on your social channels, and multiple months so that you continue to get the SEO benefits of recycled content further down the road.

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8. Test the waters on alternative social networks. While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are most easily tracked when it comes to content promotion, you can’t take away the viral power of other networks like Instagram, Snapchat and especially Pinterest.

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9. If it’s not working, stop, or find out why. So often we spend time and effort on a social network just because we’re told we’re supposed to be using it. But if you’re doing everything “right,” consider some adjustments, and then, perhaps, move on.

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10. Create dynamic content. It’s no longer called “article marketing” because content is so much more than articles these days. Consider how you can turn old products into new content on your site. Turn podcasts into articles, and articles into podcasts. Create an abundance of content from the resources you already have, and that will make marketing them to your different segments of audience that much more dynamic.

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Your content marketing is never “complete.” As a multiplatform magazine, your content, audience development and revenue teams, through the metrics of organization, technology & measurement, will continually build and improve. And if you work with us, you can do that with complete confidence that you’ll succeed. In the end, you increase value to your stakeholders, and also to investors, talent or potential acquirers – because everyone wants to be associated with an organization with popular content and that’s financially successful. Want to work with us? Schedule a time to chat.

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