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Tag: improve landing pages

Last Chance to Learn Analytics from a Knowledgeable Director of Marketing

Discover what all of those numbers really mean

Register now for our 90-minute Actionable Analytics webinar, which takes place on Tuesday, December 16

The ability to track and analyze statistical data has transformed the way Internet marketing is done.

There is no longer the need to guess at the success of campaigns; online analytics programs help prove the success with an array of numerical statistics and visual graphs.

How to Handle Bouncing Terms

What to do if you are concerned with your website’s bounce rate

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily article we discussed bounce rates. These percentages have brought a perplexed look to the faces of online publishers since they began seeing the analytics behind them.

The questions have been posed, “Why is my bounce rate at 50%? Is this a bad bounce rate? What can I do to lower my bounce rate in the future?