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Tag: jetblue

Publisher Video Efforts Expand With New Partnerships, Channels

If you’re a publisher, video must at least be on the periphery of your strategy, inching closer and closer to a prime position in your business approach. While you might not have the resources to partner with a major brand or produce full-fledged digital series as part of a channel, you can use platforms to diversify content and assemble serviceable video that will attract, retain, and convert audiences. In recent articles, Capital New York covers some industry trends in publisher video. In addition, there’s some big executive news and some not-so-big executive news.

Twitter Makes 3 Big Changes, We Come Up With A Few Big Ideas

More Twitter marketing opportunities arise as Twitter gets a big facelift

Twitter is somewhat quietly rolling out a lot of changes to the site and their platform that directly impacts the businesses who use them for social marketing. Maybe you call Brand Profiles “too little, too late”, but they’re coming.

I could dive into the deep abyss of picking out everything new about the upcoming interface (which you can sample via the new Twitter iPhone App), but since we talk about marketing here at Mequoda let’s discuss how these updates directly impact the way you’ll use Twitter in your business going forward: