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Tag: landing pages for google

Learn How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Successful publishers evolve and so does their content marketing strategy

Smart publishers will tell you that once they started optimizing articles and landing pages for Google, search engines have become their biggest source of incoming traffic and email subscriptions. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have become the second largest source of incoming traffic.

We feel the key to making money online, as a publisher, is giving away lots of free content with a clear path to at least one source of revenue. Stop the in-your-face approach of screaming at consumers to “buy my product”. You now have the opportunity to interact with them and create a meaningful relationship.

Free SEO Copywriting Handbook from Mequoda Group

This free SEO Copywriting Handbook from Mequoda Group discusses everything online writers need to know about search engine optimization.

(Nationwide)—For website pages to reach high Google rankings for specific keywords, they have to be include meaningful, useful copy and an array of targeted keywords and phrases.

In order to gain a competitive advantage, online writers need to first realize that more people than ever are using the Internet to find informational content. Second, it’s important to realize that all website pages are potential landing pages for your website.

Content Marketing 2010

In 90 minutes, you’ll discover how to use content to sell books, apps, subscriptions and live events