Content Marketing 2010

What do successful publishers like Business & Legal Resources, Computerworld, Consumer Reports, Harvard University, Motley Fool and Time Inc. have in common?

Discover & master the seven step system that thousands of Content Marketers, Producers & Publishers are using to make money online

In 90 minutes, you’ll be armed with the most current trends, best practices and tactical skills to get you and your team in line for maximum profitability with a new plan for content marketing in 2010.

Dear publishing colleague,

I’m being completely genuine when I tell you that we get an email like this at least once a month:

“I love your daily blogs and white papers, but can I just ask how you are able to be  profitable when you give so much good information away?”

The answer is simple: content marketing. Even before the “social media rockstars” were born and jumped on the “give everything away” train, we’ve been saying the same thing: the power of free is undeniable.

Since we launched in 2004, we’ve believed that the best way to familiarize people with the quality of our paid products, is by giving as much away in our free products as possible.

As you may or may not have heard: it works.

It’s 2010 and the same can be said for this year as was said last year. In fact, next year we’ll be saying the same thing: The online publishing environment has changed.

As technology and consumers evolve, so do our jobs. We’re no longer creating and marketing content to a targeted, loyalist group of subscribers. We’re now publishing content on multiple platforms, attracting new audiences through blogs and social networks, and we have to learn to write for search engines.

Even one year ago, publishers didn’t recognize the importance of researching keywords for titling articles. They didn’t understand how using social networks like Twitter could drive traffic to their website. They also didn’t realize that “free” is the number one way to drive sales.

Smart publishers can tell you that once they started optimizing articles and landing pages for Google, search engines have become their biggest source of incoming traffic and email subscriptions.

They can also tell you that their second largest source of content marketing results come from social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These publishers will also tell you that it takes a real effort to convince an established, intelligent, yet traditional team of editors and marketers to start writing and marketing in this new publishing environment.

In a new effort to train publishers, editors and marketers in the most current, up-to-date best practices, we’ve created a program called Content Marketing 2010.

What is Content Marketing 2010?

We’ve created and recreated this program since 2004, including all of the best practices we’ve collected from successful publishers as they evolve. Just as the online publishing environment is never the same, neither is this workshop.

In 90 minutes, we’ll guide you through seven of the most important online publishing strategies that every content marketer should be trained in, in order to be successful online in 2010 and beyond.

This 90-minute program is for every level of employee, from CEOs and Publishers to editors and marketers. You can attend by yourself, or listen in with your entire team.


Content Marketing 2010 dives into the following seven strategies:

Editorial Strategy: Leveraging Content & Reputation

Master the new media—websites, email, blogs, RSS feeds, audio programs, video seminars, conferences, workshops and more. It’s important to offer customers information and entertainment on multiple platforms, using a variety of business models and marketing channels.

We’ll show you how to offer users many products on many platforms, how to give them a free, robust online content, and a personalized marketing experience.

Revenue Strategy: Choosing the Right Business Models

The key to your online publishing success is choosing the right business model and supporting infrastructure. When you build the right framework, you lower operating costs and bolster higher revenue.

Do you know what your online strategy is?

  • Online Publishing: the business of developing, acquiring, copyediting, designing, posting, marketing and distributing content for a public audience using web pages, email, RSS, PDFs, podcasts and other digital formats.
  • Online Retailing: the sale of goods or merchandise from a website in small or individual lots for direct consumption by the purchaser.
  • Online Strategy: knowing whether your online business activities will include online publishing, online retailing, or both.

In this session, we’ll show you proven methods for maximizing your online revenue — from arranging sponsorships, to selling products and events, to securing profitable online advertising.

We’ll also show you how to perform an Online Market Audit to identify the key competitors in your niche, and how you can both learn from and partner with them to grow your business.

Audience Strategy: Attracting Targeted Website Traffic

Discover the scientific method for researching and choosing the right keyword phrases. It’s not guesswork when you use this strategy. Learn how to use the Google Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) to determine the relationship of demand to competition. Virtually no one else will teach you how to do an analysis of your competition.

We’ll show you how to create free products using these targeted keywords that will double and triple your email subscriber list.

Along with this, you’ll learn how to use PR and social media to your advantage and drive new customers and traffic to your website with little effort.

Website Strategy: Converting Visitors into Subscribers

Discover the best types of in-house ads you can build into your site, and the best pages to position them, so that you convert as many casual visitors to your website into loyal subscribers and premium buyers.

We’ll show you how to design and create webpages that inform, entertain, and best of all, drive sales and profits.

Email Strategy: Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Discover how to create an optimal email publishing schedule that achieves a perfect balance between editorial and promotional content.

Learn how to keep readers engaged with your email newsletter, while generating revenue through product sales and/or third party advertisements.

People Strategy: Organizing Around the System

Most publishers load more responsibilities onto their existing print staff but those in the know are hiring dedicated staff to run their online business units.

Learn why it’s critical to isolate your online teams before you integrate and how to eventually leverage all your editorial assets, cross-promote print, Web and email circulation and create synergies for sponsors.

Reporting Strategy: Managing by Exception

In order to run an effective online business, you need to know what statistics you should be watching (both yours and your competitors).

We’ll show you the key metrics you should know at the end of every day, week and month in order to keep in control of your online business, make the right changes at the right time, and generate the most profit for your online business.


Your Content Marketing 2010 leader

Don Nicholas, Executive Director, Mequoda Group

Don Nicholas is a popular media consultant, author, editor, motivational speaker and media entrepreneur. He is a leading expert on Internet media strategy. The Newsletter on Newsletters has dubbed him “a publisher’s publisher” and the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) calls him one of “America’s leading experts on website publishing strategy.”

Nicholas is Executive Director for Mequoda Group and the firm’s lead media strategy consultant. Over the past 30 years, he has guided the media strategy for hundreds of companies in the areas of content development, information product design, marketing, economics, mergers, acquisitions and organizational development. He has a talent for identifying new media business opportunities and creating media strategies to pursue them.

Nicholas is the creator of many popular Internet marketing strategies, concepts, terms and tools. They include The Mequoda Method (a concise system for building and managing “niche media empires”), the Mequoda Internet Marketing System (an online content-driven direct marketing system) and the Mequoda Internet Marketing Model (a budgeting and forecasting system for Internet marketing professionals).

During his 30 years in media, Don has served as editor and/or publisher for American Writers Review, Editorial Strategies, Internet Voyager, MagazineWeek, Writer & Editor and Writing for Money. In 1989, Don created the Editorial Excellence Awards, which became the magazine industry’s largest editorial awards program. He is the principle founder of Lighthouse Software, MagazineWeek, Blue Dolphin Group and Mequoda Group. Don has also held senior management positions with Bayland Media Group and Sacramento Magazine.

90 Minutes to Learn Content Marketing?

This workshop has been taught to publishing companies across the globe for $5400-$7200 per day. In order to consolidate our traveling, we’re bringing it to you in the form of a 90-minute seminar on CD. If you want to train your entire staff, you can all listen in on one line, in a conference room, with a projector and speakerphone if you like.

People who have attended this workshop include thousands of marketers, editors, writers, copywriters, graphic designers, webmasters, information architects, software developers, project managers, usability engineers, media producers and publishers.



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