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Tag: neil

Partnerships, Acquisitions, and New Focuses for Multiplatform Publishers

Multiplatform publishers continue to reinvent and reenvision their organizations. Today we’re visiting stories from such publishers who are focusing on changes to usher in new opportunities.

Why the Media Giants Opt for Niche Publishing

You’ve probably heard by now that is shut down as of May 2. What you might not know is that they transferred much of their best content to some niche publishing websites that are more personally branded. When you think of you’re thinking wow, it’s the last of the AskJeeves generation, right? But has spent the last couple of decades thriving off of CPM revenue, and paying their writers a portion of that.

Digital Magazine Publishing Trends: Subscriptions, Subscription Boxes, and Millennials

There’s no shortage of interesting digital magazine publishing trends to watch, but hovering near the top has to be magazine subscription marketing.

With all of the “ad”-versity facing the industry – ad blocking programs, ad viewability, ad tech, etc. – it’s no wonder that digital publishers are trying to circle back and discover other ways of monetizing content. Subscriptions, of course, are a classic route, but it’s a route that has undergone some serious construction and detours since the heyday of blow-in cards.

Online Magazine Content Considerations: Saturation, Data, Editions

Times, Adobe, others making online magazine content news
Online magazine content doesn’t end with an article being posted online. Rather, that’s where it begins.

There are innumerable ways of repurposing content, and indeed, repurposing content in an age where massive amounts of content come pretty cheap is crucial in attracting, capturing, engaging, and monetizing readers.

Emails, white papers,

Are You a Digital Magazine Publisher? Do You Want to Be?

Here at Mequoda, we will make you into a digital magazine publisher, and if you’re already a digital magazine publisher, we’ll make you into a better one.

All of what you’re about to read is advice we not only believe in, but advice we’ve given freely in the past. But sometimes it’s good to hear it from other sources. How many times have to told your significant other or child something, only for it to fall on deaf ears until a friend or peer says the same thing? Then, it’s suddenly Eureka! material.

But, hey, whatever it takes. We’re happy to have some reinforcement out there when it comes to content distribution, social media strategy, editorial planning, and publisher data.

Publishers’ International Expansion: Good News and Bad News

Among all of the challenges facing digital publishers, international expansion is understandably on the back burner, but don’t sleep on the possible new revenue stream. Social media has shown that world markets can shrink and become more manageable, while audience development and engagement aren’t limited by boundaries.

MediaPost’s Publishers Daily touches on this trend in recent articles, both the positive signs for growth as well as some of the drawbacks.

Digital Publishing News: MSLO, Real Simple, PMC, Fortune Mag, and More

We’re starting the week off with a healthy dose of digital publishing news from both sides of the Atlantic: mergers & acquisitions, platform considerations, and personnel moves. We monitor industry trends from the best sources so that you can track them in your periphery and inform your approach while focusing on the most important thing: your product.

You’re the Beneficiary from Today’s Group-Think Mentality

Twitter Chat Example of New Keys to Innovation

“We have got to overcome our hyperactive sense of exceptionalism and embrace the more collective, cooperative and globalized forces shaping the planet.”
–Neil Gabler

SIPA Member Profile: Bailey Takes an ‘Analyticsal’ Approach

Matt Bailey, Founder and President, SiteLogic, Canton, Ohio

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
Wow. On the face of it, there is not much related in this answer. When I graduated, I went to work for the Ohio National Guard as a unit administrator. I was already in the Guard but became a full-time member for the next five years. I was already familiar with the Internet and using ARPNET was a great way to get familiar with the basic functions. During my time, the military transitioned from ARPNET to AOL as the preferred method of communication, as HTML made the Internet much more visual—like it is today. That was one of my primary influences in being comfortable enough with the Internet to begin building websites.

Tips on Creating Written Pieces for Content Marketing

Basic strategy components on creating content

Attention to Detail Earns Credibility and Customer Confidence

Relieving the anxiety of online financial transactions

My wife once worked for a bank where the corporate culture included this little bromide: Every financial transaction is an emotional transaction.

What does that mean, I wondered out loud?

eHarmony Membership Website Case Study

If what we learned in Psychology 101 is true, the basic motivators of human behavior are simple: humans seek pleasure and avoid pain. You either have something you don’t want (avoidance principle) or you want something you don’t have (pleasure principle).

Psychologists tell us that everybody wants: food, shelter, health, sex, love, money and general well being. Look at every product you see advertised on the Internet or elsewhere. The ultimate reward to losing weight, finding a better job, buying a better home or car, etc., is finding intimacy with the person of your dreams—your soul mate. Website Design Review is an Excellent Example of a Publisher Taking Advantage of the Synergies Between Audience Information Needs and Technology’s Ability to Facilitate the Satisfaction of Those Needs, an online edition of Investor’s Business Daily, is the sort of site that the core audience loves with a fierce loyalty. With a focus on the signature stock analysis methodology, deep data diving and just the need-to-know news, the website doesn’t have a lot of splashy design and is exceptionally un-exciting for non-investors. is a deep site that succeeds well in providing a plethora of ways for getting and displaying data crucial for the avid trader. Investment junkies love it; IBD knows how to speak to their core audience.