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Tag: online business team

How to Build a Multiplatform Magazine Operations Team

Your multiplatform magazine team isn’t complete without a functional operations unit
Teams that take time to create efficient group work processes can become extremely effective at furthering the actual work of any organization. Taking time to build and maintain these high-performance teams can thus have a very positive impact on productivity, return on investment, and worker

Develop a Happier, More Productive, and More Profitable Online Business Team

Grooming and training your online business team to encourage great ideas and follow through with new digital product development

Online Team Management – Four Ways to Organize

Organizing an online business team isn’t an exact science. In fact, when it comes down to laying out a generic standard for online team management, we’ve found it simply isn’t possible. There are many successful publishers running their businesses in different ways. What we have discovered after interviewing and analyzing the industry are four specific types of organizational strategies used by publishers today.