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Tag: online magazine publishers

5 Keys to Starting an Online Magazine Business

Starting an online magazine business brings one platform that offers advertisers the visibility and tracking accountability they desire

News From Online Magazine Publishers: App Updates, Launches + Push for Archives

Online magazine publishers are focusing on tightening up their apps and archives in the evolving effort to bolster digital product. In the midst of all of this activity, Talking New Media’s D.B. Hebbard both offers excellent coverage while at the same time proposing that media companies mimic some aspects of print business models in order to succeed.

Three Important Stats for Digital Publishers in 2012

For online business owners, 2011 brought many new operational considerations.

As an industry, publishers cannot wait to see what the next “big thing” will be in 2012.

Instead of waiting for it, we need to continue moving upon the momentum from 2011 and the lessons learned during this time period.