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Tag: pop-up magazine

‘California Sunday’ Utilizes Multiplatform Content Marketing

California Sunday is an interesting magazine that’s launching with a multiplatform sensibility this October. The monthly magazine will be offered in print, online and for mobile, and will feature some content marketing initiatives that aren’t seen from every other digital publisher.

Hearst Brings Pop-Up Magazine to NYC

New experiences may help get the attention of audience. Hearst will be providing a new experience to New Yorkers with the release of its new pop-up magazine TrendingNY, reports FishbowlNY.

How Magazines Can Go Live

Pop-Up Magazine brings magazines to life

Online, publishers have the opportunity to perform different roles. They can be radio hosts or podcasters, video producers or bloggers.

The Internet allows for different platforms to be used at a fraction of the price. Therefore, content can be created and delivered to reach a broader audience in the way they prefer.