How Magazines Can Go Live

Pop-Up Magazine brings magazines to life

Online, publishers have the opportunity to perform different roles. They can be radio hosts or podcasters, video producers or bloggers.

The Internet allows for different platforms to be used at a fraction of the price. Therefore, content can be created and delivered to reach a broader audience in the way they prefer.

We’ve discussed the Mequoda Media Pyramid before. This pyramid is used to illustrate delivery platforms and additional product development opportunities.

At the top of the pyramid, we have live events, with periodicals right beneath it. Live events are desirable because they allow for in-person instruction, face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities. They bring a tangible sense of togetherness, which is deeply important when we all deal with a digital landscape.

Often times, live events range from conferences to consultation – information is shared and lessons are learned. However, a new type of live event has become popular thanks to Pop-Up Magazine.

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The live magazine

According to its website, “Pop-Up Magazine is the world’s first live magazine, created for stage, a screen, and a live audience. Nothing will arrive in your mailbox; no content will go online. An issue exists for one night, in one place.”

These live events help showcase artistic endeavors, some still works-in-progress.

I’ve never seen a Pop-Up Magazine event, but from what I’ve read, they unfold like magazines do, with longer features towards the back of the 90-minute program.

Today, May 11th, at 7:30 pm in New York City’s Skirball Center, a live Pop-Up Magazine issue will take place with ESPN: The Magazine. It appears that Pop-Up Magazine has created enough stir to get the attention of others magazines that want to take part in the live event.

How do you prefer your magazine content: print, digital or live? The trend of the live magazine may catch on and give traditional publishers more options as to how they can present their content to interested audiences.

For more, take a look at Pop-Up Magazine’s website or this recent article from Fast Company.


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