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Tag: seo tip

Follow Google’s Landing Page Guidelines to Improve Rank

As it’s always been, Google’s main focus publicly is the ads you buy via Adwords. And, as always, Mequoda knows that the exact same concepts apply to free organic search campaigns.

If you read our white papers and posts, or you’ve attended a Mequoda Intensive, you already know how much value we place on organic search. It’s the core of the Mequoda Method, and while anyone can buy ads, that kind of marketing just isn’t as high on our priority list as organic search is.

SEO Tip: It’s Time to Suppress Floaters and OFIEs on Mobile Phones

The most important SEO tip of the month is suppressing floaters and OFIEs for mobile phone users
By now most of you know that Google has decreed popups and interstitial ads, which include Mequoda Best Practice floaters, to be outlawed on mobile phones as of tomorrow, January 10, 2017.

Google objects to the way these ads interfere with

Three Top Tips for Image SEO

Image SEO is an additional tool for getting ranked in search engines

Image SEO has relevance in ranking. If you are optimizing your headlines, body copy, and metadata, you should also be paying close attention to image SEO.

Beyond the additional SEO help, optimizing your images helps users make a visual connection with the content you give them. Below, I’ve listed three of the top reasons for image SEO. Following these guidelines will help you serve your readers with related imagery, while improving your content’s level of optimization.

Review The Basics of Successful SEO

5 SEO lessons from this month’s live SEO Basics webinar

Attending a single webinar on SEO basics is never enough.

There is always so much content related to SEO. Our live 90-minute SEO Basics webinar from earlier this month contains over 30 SEO tips for optimizing your website to its fullest potential. Simply attending this webinar live might make it difficult to grasp every technique for SEO that we teach, which is why we offer it on-demand, to view at your convenience.

Using Google Analytics and More ‘Social’ Tips

These Websites Deliver the Goods
With America’s baseball all-star game coming up on Tuesday, let me present an all-star lineup of websites that I’ve come across lately—with previews of the information they present.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS FOR SOCIAL: Funny to start in the U.K. after my American introduction, but since SIPA will be in London next week with