Three Top Tips for Image SEO

Image SEO is an additional audience development tool for getting ranked in search engines

Image SEO has relevance in ranking. If you are optimizing your headlines, body copy, and metadata, you should also be paying close attention to image SEO.

Beyond the additional SEO help, optimizing your images helps users make a visual connection with the content you give them. Below, I’ve listed three of the top reasons for image SEO. Following these guidelines will help you serve your readers with related imagery, while improving your content’s level of optimization.

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Image SEO tip #1: Use a relevant, quick loading image – Not only should your image be associated with the content you provide, it should be optimized for the web so it loads quickly. Images can have a negative impact on the overall loading of a site if not optimized properly. Website visitors will be more likely to bounce from a site if it loads slowly.

Image SEO tip #2: Provide an in-depth, keyword-rich image description – This is a concept I discussed in another recent article. Image captions are frequently read by website visitors, often times before any other content is read. Provide an informative image caption that makes the user want to read the article itself.

Image SEO tip #3: Optimize the image – When you upload your image into the content management system, make sure it has a descriptive name utilizing your primary keyword phrase.

Have you seen a lift in traffic or engagement from employing these image SEO tips? Are there additional suggestions on image SEO that you’d like to share with the community? Please put your thoughts in the comments below.


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