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Tag: seo traffic

Make Your Website Google-Proof Now

Any time your website drops in Google, it’s scary. But the one thing to know is that any drop in SEO traffic will be uniform. You won’t lose traffic in one zone of your website, it will be across the board. The ebb and flow of traffic is normal and not an algorithmic hit, it’s just the price

Magazine SEO: What to Do When Google Tries to Sink Your Ship

Your magazine SEO efforts will determine how much traffic arrives and eventually converts into subscribers – what are you doing to find and plug any holes in your website?
Google is the business we all love to hate. If you run a big website, one of your jobs is magazine SEO for your website. There will

12 Tips for Using Video and Examples to Watch

TweetChat Yields a Screenful of Video Tips

It’s revealing no secrets to say that video has become a huge tool for engaging and selling on the Internet. How many of us start and end each day looking at various posted videos? Yet how many of us use video to help engage and market on our company’s websites? Clearly not enough.

Video was the subject of SIPA’s lively, weekly Wednesday TweetChat yesterday. Many thanks to Lindsay Konzak and Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier of MDM News/Gale Media for their extensive participation. Check out one of their very engaging videos here. Also participating was Eleanor Meredith of Irving Levin Associates; see one of their excellent interview videos here. And another participant was Lucy Swedberg of Wellesley Information Services. Watch their well-done video of a story on toy manufacturer Hasbro.

5 Tips to Maximize Website Traffic from Your YouTube Videos

Simple tips for using a third-party video hosting platform like YouTube to maximize audience development efforts

When you put a video on YouTube, you’re not only using the platform as a hosting solution, but you’re hopefully also looking to send that traffic back to your website. After all, we don’t use third-party social media sites for fun, we’re hoping to leverage an existing audience and direct it towards ourselves.

Luckily, YouTube makes it fairly easy for us to do this, and gives us ample opportunities to hook people in and maximize website traffic down a funnel that ends at our domain.

Another Type of Social Sharing

Customer reviews generate popularity on the Internet

If you stumble across a new product online, or have been researching a potential purchase for weeks, a defining moment in the buying process can be a customer review.

Many of you have probably experienced customer reviews of some sort online. Retailers online who have made it a point to ask for customer reviews have seen the benefits of doing so.