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Tag: social publishing

The Best Social Media Management System for Publishers

What to look for in a social media management system from Haven Nexus, to Hootsuite, SproutSocial and TweetDeck
As a publisher, you’re publishing multiple pieces of content every day. Most Mequoda publishers are publishing at least three per day. When it comes to managing the social that goes along with each post, we find that most

Online Media Trends: Social, Audience, Ad-Free

The phrase online media trends can run the gamut, of course – in this day and age, it might mean anything on the internet. But we use it to mean topics of interest to digital publishers.

NatGeo “Shares” Social Publishing Strategy

Social publishing, or preparing and posting content to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, is no longer just an option up for discussion. Today, when it comes to distributing your good work and deploying it as a tool in audience development, a social media strategy is an absolute necessity.

The challenge is perfecting that strategy as much as possible. Especially in a business where the ground seems to shift every other week. But one way to stay ahead of the curve is to pay attention to the digital publishers doing it right, the ones who unite great content, great timing, and great discipline, to produce a whole other source of traffic and revenue.

But don’t fall prey to just slapping some articles up on Facebook Instant or Apple News. This just won’t cut it. Publishing social media successfully requires dedicated resources, including staff. But it will be worth it!

Social Publishing Platforms: A Siren Song for Publishers

Social publishing platforms are all the rage for publishers looking to repurpose content, cultivate audience, and drive traffic, and providers’ offerings are becoming more sophisticated and specialized. Or, in Facebook’s case, irresistibly too big to fail, for now. In the meantime, other brands and publishers, like Adobe and Condé Nast, are focusing on in-house digital solutions. Let’s take a look at four recent Digiday stories that cover all of this ground.

The Merits of User-Created Content and the ‘Discovery’ of Pinterest

Rodney emphasizes user-created content at SIPA Munich

More than 100 attendees from 13 countries and 24 companies have gathered yesterday through tomorrow for the SIPA Munich Conference. You can follow some of the proceedings on Twitter at #sipamuc. Craig Rodney, managing director, Cerebra Communications, South Africa, delivered a talk earlier today about mobile and social publishing.

6 Tips for Building a Company East of Germany

What to Know for Building a Company East of Germany

At a reading Tuesday at the Austrian Embassy here in Washington, D.C., author Catalin Dorian Florescu presented his new novel, Jakob beschliesst zu lieben or Jacob Decides to Love. (There was some debate over whether one can decide to love, but we’ll leave that for another day or week.) Florescu was born in Romania in 1967 and immigrated with his parents to Switzerland where he now lives and works.

At some point in the discussion, the phrase “Eastern Europe” came up, and Florescu expressed his displeasure. He said that most countries in that part of Europe would like to move on from the term that brings a sense of a lower class. I was reminded of this as I looked over Reinhard Sander’s presentation from last year’s SIPA Munich Conference. The session was titled, “How to Build a Publishing Company in Eastern Europe – Experiences and Conclusions from Two Decades of Doing Business East of Germany.”

Posting the Right Content on Your Social Sites

Knowing What Content to Post on What Sites

At SIPA 2011 last month, Sean Brooks, vice president of social publishing for TechTarget, offered tips on posting the right content to your social media outlets. The information was part of a session titled, “Engaging Your Audience With Social Media.”

• Post links to relevant articles that have been written by you or other industry experts;
• Add conversation that helps build your brand’s thought leadership;

AMC Coverage 2008: Independent Magazines Talk Digital

Magazines talk about how they’ve leveraged their online community to build more successful products