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Tag: spam words

25 Email Design Best Practices for Publishers for Mobile and Desktop

It’s been reported that the average email users spends at average of 51 seconds on each email newsletter they read. If this average pertains to your market, you need to develop a way to maximize your email’s ability to connect with your audience.

The Importance of Clarity in SEO

Are you using the best words to help your audience find your content?

It’s no surprise that words are powerful.

Without words, none of us would be able to communicate concepts, express ourselves or create relationships. Our society would not be able to function.

Effective Email Copywriting: Start With the Subject Line

How many of your emails end up in the trash?

It doesn’t matter how great your email is or how hard you worked on it, if it doesn’t get opened and read, it has no value. Having said that, the most important aspect of effective email copywriting is a good subject line.

Creating an irresistible subject line is more difficult than it sounds. Don’t write it like a sales pitch, describe what’s inside or a benefit to the reader. When you describe the subject of your email, your email subject line will be more effective.

The email subject line should describe the subject of your email, make sense? While it’s impossible to get every email read, that is still our goal.

Try to state a benefit and create curiosity for best results. Urgency, benefit, and brand recognition are all compelling reasons to read your email. Effective email copywriting will improve your open rates and build relationships.