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Tag: the national journal

How to Create Multi-Platform Content Quickly and Cheaply

When we talk about multiplatform publishing, some publishers think we’re talking about the difference between laptops, desktops and tablets. But those are simply the devices we deliver content through.

We’re talking about content repurposing, on many platforms.

Repurposing content is a core tenet of the Mequoda Method, but we can’t take credit for inventing the tactic. Rather, any publishers worth their salt – whether print or digital – have always run some variation on this theme. Why? Because it rewards your best work, saves you from excess work, gives you a ton of versatility, and will make you money while you sleep.

Digital Magazine Subscriptions: Slate Reflects on One Year of ‘Plus’

Last week, we came across a cool, candid essay from Slate Editor-in-Chief Julia Turner on the occasion of Slate Plus’s first birthday. From the beginning, Slate has emphasized that Plus is not a paywall, but rather a membership predicated on premium content. This model is gaining in popularity among digital magazine subscriptions – The New York Times, Ars Technica, and The National Journal launched similar products in recent years – but Slate does a great service for both its readers and its fellow publishers by providing us with a progress report.

The Rise of Magazine Memberships

Today, Digiday studied the premium subscription plans of heavyweight publishers upon the debut of Slate’s membership program.

Can Magazine Memberships Pull In More Revenue?

Ricardo Bilton from Digiday has a new article about membership models for magazines. Ricardo writes, “In response to incredible shrinking ad revenue and mounting pressure to diversify their revenue streams, publishers are increasingly building out tertiary businesses like brand content studios and research products.

National Journal Opens Access to Digital Library

Folio is reporting that the National Journal has opened access to its digital library. Caysey Welton writes, “National Journal rolled out a new database for its members featuring thousands of policy-related primary documents.

The National Journal Gets Responsive, Ditches App

The National Journal is moving its website to a more responsive design and ditching its app. AdWeek’s Lucia Moses writes, “For National Journal, its iPhone app is relatively new (introduced in April as a subscriber benefit) and hasn’t been a significant source of revenue. Meanwhile, its Web traffic from mobile devices has doubled over the past 18 months, so it needed a site that would provide a uniform experience across devices.”

Steep Postal Rate Hike Looms

The National Journal is reporting that the U.S. Postal Service may increase postage rates next week as much as 10%. Billy House writes, “Postal rate increases are capped at inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. That would mean an allowable increase of about 2 percent for late January 2014 implementation.

A New Take on Online Advertising

Not Your Older Brother’s Online Advertising

A recently designed SIPA banner ad (above) for the U.K. market led me to the website of InPublishing. It’s a massive all-media home base and knowledge center for magazines, newspapers, online, awards, suppliers, videos and podcasts. It’s nice to see one of SIPA’s own, Mayfield Solutions, as a “featured supplier” on their homepage. Also on the site is Jack Wallington’s excellent article about new forms of advertising. “Online advertising is the most accountable form of advertising in existence,” he writes. “However its accountability encouraged advertisers to concentrate on clicks as a success measure.”

‘Best’ Ideas from Marketing Conference

Best Ideas: Tweetups, Email Capture and IT Cooperation

The Super Bowl has its awarding of the Most Valuable Player trophy, a concert has its final encore, and a SIPA Conference has its Best of the Best Ideas session. Last month’s Marketing Conference in Miami was no different as attendees gathered at the end for one last listen before heading into the sunshine. Here are 10-plus ideas that made the final cut: