‘Best’ Ideas from Marketing Conference

Best Ideas: Tweetups, Email Capture and IT Cooperation

The Super Bowl has its awarding of the Most Valuable Player trophy, a concert has its final encore, and a SIPA Conference has its Best of the Best Ideas session. Last month’s Marketing Conference in Miami was no different as attendees gathered at the end for one last listen before heading into the sunshine. Here are 10-plus ideas that made the final cut:

1. From Doug Haslam at Voce Communications:
Tweetups – have a breakfast where customers can meet your publisher or editor (or you) in person. Make it dinner and call it a Burritup.

2. From Phil Ash of Capitol Information Group, Inc:
Our online free trials process is two steps. On page 1, there’s an email capture if you would like to receive our enewsletter. On page 2, we ask for a credit card. If we don’t get it, we’ve at least gotten an email.

3. From Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger:
When you’re developing new marketing efforts, involve IT up front. But don’t count on IT to come up with solutions or move mountains. Learn about each other. Marketing may think something is very simple but there’s probably a lot of back-door work involved.

4. From Matt Bailey of SiteLogic:
Three key steps to social media marketing:
– Find the message that you want to convey;
– Develop an identity—find the best medium for that message;
– Build interaction and support; entertain. Give people reasons to engage with you. Answer their “What’s in it for me?” question

5. From copywriter Mark Everett Johnson:
Test and test some more – don’t wait until your back is against wall.

6. From Todd Lebo of MarketingSherpa and Jim Sinkinson of Infocom Group:
Try to up-sell on your thank-you pages.

7. Quotes from Bob Brady of BLR:
“Content is golden but Google is now king.” “Telemarketing is not working, telesales is.” “Our products are sold, not bought.”

8. From Don Nicholas of Mequoda:
Email marketing does want to be done daily.

9. From Annie Stickney of Minyanville Media:
Ask what the objective of your ad is?

10. From Florin Campeanu of Rentrop & Straton
Don’t be afraid to put free content on the web.

And…someone liked the title of Gwen Tomasulo from the National Journal Group: director of audience development…
Target 5 or 6 top players in your market and invite them to something for free…
When repurposing, make sure you change the headline…
And lastly, the highest paid person’s opinion should not be the final one. Google analytics should have the final word.


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