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Tag: topic landing page

Audio Podcast on Landing Page Templates Released

Discover seven landing page templates and landing page lingo in this new audio podcast

Download a free digital copy of our Landing Page Templates: Seven Landing Page Templates and the Language Used on Them audio podcast now.

Landing pages are a favorite topic of ours. We have researched different types and discovered how to create the most beneficial landing pages for online publishers.

Organic Landing Page Templates

The ultimate goal of all landing pages is to move users to action; how do you decide which landing page templates to use?

After reviewing literally thousands of media websites, we have identified two classes of landing pages, organic and dedicated.

Organic landing pages are composed of a mix of editorial and conversion architecture. There are eight types of organic landing page templates, each with its own unique information architecture designed to pull traffic in and initiate a transaction:

Organic, Dedicated and Hybrid Landing Pages – Oh My!

It isn’t enough to know how to design a landing page, you should also understand why writing for the web is not the same as writing for print

Organic Landing Page Templates: The Tag Landing Page

Tag landing pages help you organize your content for better SEO

A tag landing page lists all the content a site has about a particular tag, or keyword. The literal translation of a tag page is a page about other pages. The difference between a tag landing page and a topic landing page, is that a tag page doesn’t necessarily get elevated to the navigation level.

For example, writes about celebrities. Almost every celebrity has their own tag page, where all the content that has ever written about said celebrity would show up. But each celebrity wouldn’t get position in a site’s navigation.

Organic Landing Pages: Topic Landing Page

With Topic landing pages, persistent navigation is the key to success

The key to success is to send users to landing pages that are specifically designed to fulfill their goals. Any page where there is a direct response transaction — whether or not money is exchanged — is a landing page. For every type of direct response transaction you initiate, there should be a landing page waiting for the user that is optimized to maximize its conversion rate.

A topic landing page, as the name suggests, is a page on a website that is about one particular topic, or category. This page is usually found in a site’s primary navigation, either on the right or left hand side of the screen. Occasionally, a user may also find topic pages in the horizontal site navigation, just below the nameplate, if the number of topics is limited (3-5). Topic pages are also often referred to as category pages, or section pages.