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Tag: Wordpress CMS

Digital Publishing Business News: Economist Value Yields Interesting Lessons

The digital publishing business gets more and more interesting by the week. Time Inc. digital investments and innovations have been relentless; recent personnel changes from Ogden to Bloomberg Businessweek have kept the industry on its toes; and mergers & acquisitions are approaching peak activity. Combine all of this with the daily maneuvering of titles trying to go all-in on multiplatform publishing, and you have a whole lot to pay attention to if you’re running digital magazines.

But recent bombshells about the sale of the Financial Times and the inner-workings of negotiations over the fate of The Economist have captivated our attention today. Fusion has a fascinating article titled “How staying private paid off for the Economist,” and we have to start there!

7 Reasons Why Online Publishers Use WordPress

As an open source content management system loved by many, WordPress offers some great features to online publishers

The first open source content management system I ever used was WordPress. My first blog, which I cannot even remember the name of now, was hosted by the popular content management platform, so I spent some time experiencing the CMS first hand.

My time spent with that personal blog didn’t last too long. I didn’t have a focus and thus, I began paying less attention to it. A year or so after that, I began using the platform in my professional career. It was great to see that WordPress could be used in a professional manner, or simply as a casual blog.

WordPress for Content Marketers, Producers & Publishers

Convert a Content Management System into a state-of-the-art Content Marketing System without spending a dime on software.