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Email Marketing Opportunity #4 for Selling More Magazine Subscriptions: Weekly Newsletters

How an ‘email stack’ weekly newsletter with free articles and text ads driving to your free content and premium content offers contributes to a profitable and well-rounded email marketing program

Weekly Email Newsletters

Kim Mateus:
Yeah. And weekly is the same idea. So this is if, again, when you join Food Gardening Network as a free member, you get opted into all these segments. If you decide to opt yourself down, sometimes the weekly is the one that people will hold on to because it’s got through once a week. So this is a five on five stacks. So what we do is we publish the five new posts from the week prior. There’s five text ads, and then at the bottom, we will list member favorites. So these are those 10 blockbusters or reruns that we updated throughout the week. And same idea. It’s not like we generate an enormous amount of subscriptions from these, but they do come through.

Kim Mateus:
And if you think about somebody who has opted out of the Spotlights, by including these text ads that are well written and well designed, you can hopefully increase the chance that somebody will join.


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