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Email Marketing Opportunity #6 for Selling More Magazine Subscriptions: Master File Mailings

How publishers with large brand portfolios, or those with access to partners with aligned brands, use ‘Master File Mailings’ to cross-promote their subscription products

Master File Mailings

Kim Mateus:
Next, we have Master File Mailing. So this is for anybody who has a number of titles across their whole brand portfolio or in our case, have a partner with a large brand portfolio where you can co-promote your product. So prime publishing is a publisher of crafting and cooking titles. The majority of their websites are totally free and ad-driven. That’s how they generate their revenue. But they have a handful of properties that we partner with them on that are premium products. And so we do a lot of rev share between the two organizations. And we have tested a couple of things.

Kim Mateus:
We have tested with seeking their help in promoting Food Gardening Network. We have tested having them send straight promotion to their dozens of lists for a membership, a premium membership in food gardening. And we’ve also tested sending a freebie offer, so that these people who don’t know who Food Gardening Network is. It’s a brand new brand. They don’t know anything about it. And we ask ourselves, “Well, are we better off asking for the order right away? Or because we’re a new brand they don’t know anything about us, what if we try just sending a freebie promotion?” Then that gets them on our list and then we can upsell them once they get familiar with our content, and our brand. So we’ve tried both. And I think we found Eileen, that the freebie approach works better for our case, because we’re a brand new brand, right?

Eileen Shea:
That’s right. We got more orders off of the names that we got in, when we did a two-step approach, then followed up with different Spotlight offers. We got more orders that way versus sending a Spotlight directly into the list.

Kim Mateus:
Okay. So something to test out if you happen to have the chance to do this. And oftentimes, I feel like we will hear there’s no crossover there. The audience from this brand is not going to have any interest in that brand. But we’ve done this across pretty diverse … we have partners that have a very diverse set of publications in their arsenal, and they would have never thought that the buyer of X would buy Y. But we convinced them to try it, and they were surprised. So it’s definitely worth the test if you have this opportunity.


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