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How to Update Blockbuster Posts

Some rules to think about when developing your blockbuster post strategy and updating your content

Updating Blockbusters

Kim Mateus:
So, blockbusters are primarily evergreen content. News-based publishers can also figure this out because they also have blockbusters, even though their go-forward strategy is focused on covering the news, there probably are still posts on their website that are evergreen. For a publisher like Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and a lot of others, a vast majority of their content is evergreen. So, they really are a great fit for this. We update blockbusters that are evergreen. Again, they could be news posts if they have potential to become evergreen. The title is pretty key here, right, Amanda? So, if, for example, you’re trying to update a post that was written in 2010, if the title of that 2010 post is no longer relevant, what would you do with that?

Amanda MacArthur:
What we try to do is keep the keyword intact and we’ll usually tweak it.

Kim Mateus:
Okay. Yeah. So, those kinds of things. I mean, this is where the art and the science come into play, you’ve got to look at each one and determine what the best approach is. But the way to find your blockbusters in Google Analytics is, we’re showing it here, there’s a path, and you have access to this deck and you’ll be able to find a boat. This is going to basically show you what posts are driving the majority of your traffic. And when it comes to the Program on Negotiation, it’s pretty extreme. So, what you’re seeing here is that 5% of all of the posts on this website are driving more than 70% of their organic search traffic.

Kim Mateus:
And this varies depending on how old the website is, how long it’s been around, but this kind of phenomenon that there’s a small percentage of posts on your website that are driving the majority of your organic search traffic is pretty consistent across all of the websites that we measure and manage. So, if you’re not already paying attention to your blockbusters and using this approach, we really strongly recommend it because for every publisher that we’ve helped with this, they have seen very dramatic increases in their overall organic search traffic from just paying attention to blockbuster. And the good news is that the scorecard that we’re going to walk through here for this case study, it can be applied to all of your new content and your blockbuster content. So, there’s only one scorecard that applies to all posts.


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