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Mequoda System Principle #4: Monetize in Many Ways (Sponsorships)

How to monetize your digital audience with content sponsorships

New Englad Focus, Traveler and Shoppe slide

And now moving into the fourth and certainly for this webinar, our favorite and where we’ll spend the most time, which is on the monetization, monetize in many ways.

Kim Mateus:
Let’s start first with the sponsorship revenue that Yankee’s able to generate through their system. What we’re looking at here are three different email templates that you might have recalled seeing on that email preferences screenshot, a couple of slides back, and these in particular all have to do with sponsorship revenue. So the one on the left is called New England Traveler. They branded that way because what you’ll find in this particular email segment, our advertisement for the travel industry, typically ads for different resorts, in this case the Woodstock Inn Resort. And it’s basically one big display ad that when the recipient clicks on it, they’re brought straight to the Woodstock Inn website to book their vacation.

Kim Mateus:
So these tend to do really well, both for Yankee and for the recipient. This is something that they value because they love to travel in New England and they love to get deals. So that’s what makes that values add for the recipient. The one in the middle, New England Focus, also sponsored revenue. What’s different about this one is it tends to be more sponsored content. So you can see it’s in an article-like format, it’s pretty long form. This one in particular keeps ongoing if you were to scroll down. Another, I think revenue generation method that was new to the system from 16 forward.

Kim Mateus:
Just having this whole thing in place with these different email segments that people can opt in and out of, I think it just opened up this idea that we should be doing more with our sponsors and offering to write content that’s long form because we know people engage this way, just a different slice of sponsorship revenue that they’ve been able to take good advantage of. And then on the right, we’ve got New England Shoppe, and this is the branding that they associate with their online store, but the way they handle it in email is that they’re essentially selling other people’s products.

Kim Mateus:
So in this particular case, Peapod Jewelry, when you click on that ad, you’re going straight to the Peapod Jewelry website to buy that product, very similar to the traveler one, but again, just different slices and flavors of how Yankee’s generating sponsorship revenue on the web. Now let’s look into the different website areas that relate to revenue generation. This is the New England Shoppe, they’ve got 100 plus products in this store, it’s powered by a big commerce, and they’re selling back issues, print back issues, digital back issues, some books and some calendars. Not too big in terms of a percentage of their overall revenue, but still something that they have available and keep updated and maintained.

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