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The Four Core Principles of the Mequoda System

How to attract, capture, engage, and monetize your digital audience

Mequoda Method

Kim Mateus:
In terms of how search fits into your overall digital strategy, we tend to describe the Mequoda method using these four principles of attract, capture, engage, and monetize. And we always like to say too, this is not something that we invented, right? Back in ’04 when we started the company, our initial mission was just a research mission, interviewing everybody we knew in the industry to find out what they were already doing even back then that was helping them to succeed online, and what they were doing that just wasn’t working.

Kim Mateus:
And over those initial years, doing all of this research, this is where we settled on. When it comes to online publishing, digital publishing, digital marketing, we believe that these are the four core tenets of that. So, number one here is attract, and this is where search and organic search plays a huge role. As a publisher online, we believe first order of mission is to build a website and have a strategy that can attract as much traffic as possible from the search engines. Okay. Once they get to your site and find you, well, then it’s time to capture that traffic, right? We only say that the traffic is only as good as its ability to convert.

Kim Mateus:
You don’t want traffic arriving that isn’t aligned with your brand, isn’t aligned with your products, you want to be able to capture those people when they get there so that you can build a permission-based relationship with them and move into that third bucket, which is where you start engaging them with all of your quality content in the hopes that you can then monetize them. And the monetization, of course, in the publishing community can range everywhere from sponsorship to user revenue. And there’s lots of ways that you can monetize, but this particular webinar is really focused on both one and two, because what you’ll see in our scorecard is that we reflect a lot on the capture mechanisms right in the scorecard.

Kim Mateus:
And at first blush, you might say, “Well, geez, isn’t this just about optimizing the content that’s on the page? Why does capture play such a big role?” And it’s because it’s part of what Google is looking at. When somebody arrives at your website, if you’re able to capture their email address and build that relationship, Google can see that they’re not bouncing back, they’ve engaged, they’ve stayed on your site, and now, of course, you’ve got the massive benefit of being able to continue your communication with them, and ultimately monetize them.


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